25 Hours Hotel in West Zürich is a colorful and vibrant space. The concept was developed out of the working title “the smile of my hometown” by Alfredo Häberli, the interior and the overall design mirrors the great city.

It is located in the west that used to be an industrial and grey concrete area, but is now having an urban growth and is becoming a cultural and eclectic scenery for creative individuals. 25 Hours Hotel has had great success in Hamburg, Vienna, Frankfurt and is now hoping for the same in Zürich, that was opened in November this year. The hotel really sparks with its bold use of bright colors, it is bold but still pure, the rooms have a great identity, and has those extra details so many other hotels just skip. Looks so well thought through en every level. Alfredo Häberli dream about doing an entire hotel from beginning to end has come through and is done in style!

We have earlier featured the one in Hamburg, which has another concept, but still the same holistic approach.



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