A perfect little beach hut

Why does everything have to be so grand when simplicity in its pure form like this is more than enough? This charming little beach hut is just perfect. A little nest, with all the essentials you need. A great space, and above all, a great view. With using only one material and lots of light space feels bigger. I would love to own a hut like this.  The hut is designed by Studiomama. Images © Ben Anders


beach-chalet-view-2 beach-chalet-exterior-2 beach-chalet-bathroom beach-chalet-view beach-chalet-interior-2 beach-chalet-exterior-1 beach-chalet-interior-3

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Hi, I am Melissa, 30 something Norwegian digital nomad and Airbnb host. I have a love for architecture, Scandinavian design, and traveling. And I love sharing good design and great traveling tips.

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