Aesop – Another wonderful concept store

Aesop doesn’t stop growing and expanding to new cities. This time it is San Francisco that can proudly present one of Aesop’s signature stores. They never disappoint when it comes to store design. You can’t pass an Aesop store without stopping up and stick your head in, they are impossible not to recognize. The very unique and modern retro pharmacy packaging is beautifully displayed in reclaimed wood boxes, in different shapes and sizes. The boxes create a very vibrant and dynamic, and not at least interesting space. The opposite wall is dressed in cork and so is the ceiling. This time Aesop collaborated with Boston architectural firm NADAAA.


Dezeen_Aesop-Fillmore-Street-by-NADAAA_5Dezeen_Aesop-Fillmore-Street-by-NADAAA_4Dezeen_Aesop-Fillmore-Street-by-NADAAA_1Dezeen_Aesop-Fillmore-Street-by-NADAAA_2Aesop San Francisco Dezeen_Aesop-Fillmore-Street-by-NADAAA_7Dezeen_Aesop-Fillmore-Street-by-NADAAA_6

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