Canvas Hotel in the Norwegian Forest

For the outdoor enthusiast and mountain biking lover, the Canvas Hotel would be the next perfect destination to go to.

This is truly a unique space located in the wilderness in Norway and is there to provide good times and a peace of mind. This is glamping with style and a stay here will include great food, and cozy yurts to sleep in. The hotel can provide equipment and tour guide if you need this.

The terrain here is great for enthusiasts and the ideal place to start with mountain biking. Here you will find 20 miles of bike paths, and you can ride for 20-30 hours without crossing your own track.  The owner Jan Fasting has 35 years of experience as an outdoor guide and was responsible for the safety and the route planning for 71 ° North for 12 years. In connection with this, he became acquainted with the landowner Per Kveim who, over the last 4 years, built about 100 km of trail on the hills in inner Telemark. And this connection resulted in this one of a kind place.

When to stay: Canvas Hotel is mainly facilitating to larger groups. But if you are only 2 people traveling, they do have a vacancy during some weekends from May to mid-October.

How to get here: From Oslo, it is a 3,5-hour drive to Canvas Hotel that is located in Treungen in Nissedal municipality.


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