A home is where the art is

Art makes the soul This amazing space belongs to a landscape architect Guido Hager who lives in Berlin. Pictures by Helenio Barbetta. I have to agree with Yellowtrace comments on the apartment though. Yes, it is a bit weird that it is no plants when it belongs to a landscape architect and yes it is not a very personal touch to this place. But what I like about this apartment is the space itself. I live in an old apartment with moldings and original floorboards like this. But this flat is just top notch. Look at the roof structure and the floor, so beautiful.  But I dream of being able to have more wall space. For me, my collection of prints and arts over the years is what makes my home – my home. And like Yellowtrace also comments this man living here is not an art collector, but I do not think you should overthink your collection of art. Buy what you like and it does not have to be a concept behind everything. Sometimes you just like what you like. Like I said. A home is where the art is.



  1. Buy the art that YOU like, you are the person who is going to live in it!
  2. The mix of modern furniture and art in a classic style apartment = perfect combo!
  3. Having the same floor throughout the whole apartment ties it all together.


Guido-Hager-Apartment-by-Helenio-Barbetta-Berlin-Germany_01-600x900 Guido-Hager-Apartment-by-Helenio-Barbetta-Berlin-Germany_02-600x900Guido-Hager-Apartment-by-Helenio-Barbetta-Berlin-Germany_03-600x399Guido-Hager-Apartment-by-Helenio-Barbetta-Berlin-Germany_04-600x900Guido-Hager-Apartment-by-Helenio-Barbetta-Berlin-Germany_05-600x900Guido-Hager-Apartment-by-Helenio-Barbetta-Berlin-Germany_06-600x900Guido-Hager-Apartment-by-Helenio-Barbetta-Berlin-Germany_07-600x399Guido-Hager-Apartment-by-Helenio-Barbetta-Berlin-Germany_08-600x900Guido-Hager-Apartment-by-Helenio-Barbetta-Berlin-Germany_09-600x900Guido-Hager-Apartment-by-Helenio-Barbetta-Berlin-Germany_11-600x900Guido-Hager-Apartment-by-Helenio-Barbetta-Berlin-Germany_12-600x900Guido-Hager-Apartment-by-Helenio-Barbetta-Berlin-Germany_13-600x900Guido-Hager-Apartment-by-Helenio-Barbetta-Berlin-Germany_14-600x900

I discovered this home on one of my favorite blogs Yellowtrace, and it almost took my breath away.

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