Hotel Mama Shelter – designed by Starck

The type of hotels I love, falls into two categories. Hotels designed for social gathering and fun or hotels with a space that reflects tranquility. Both of course with great sense of style. Mama Shelter in Marseille falls into the first category. Creative space all around. And with social shared areas that invites you to meet new people and talk, play games. This is definitly a must stay place in Marseille. Rooms starts at 79 Euros. The space is designed by the one and only Mr. Philippe Stark. And like most places he designs is a lot going on with color, shapes and patters. My favorite got to be the graphic illustrated carpets and the roof which has a lot of writing and drawings on it.  Mama Shelter also have a hotel in Paris!


1. The ceiling is also a place to be creative!

2. If you keep walls simple and clean it looks great combined with some statement floor/carpet!

3. I like the light around the mirror in both the bathroom and bedroom. Creates a great visual effect!

Skjermbilde-2013-01-21-kl.-11.09.17 Mama-Marseille21 Mama-Marseille_nuit01  MAMA-MARSEILLE_15-10-12-10412 Mama-Marseille_nuit35 Mama-Marseille24 Mama-Marseille27MamaShelterMarseille-600x409



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