Modernism Week in Palm Springs

Have you heard about Palm Springs? Yes, ​I would think so. But have you heard about Modernism Week that takes place there once a year? Maybe not, so here let me enlighten you…

Modernism Week is an open house festival in Palm Springs California that takes place once a year in February​. This event has been on my “go to” list for years, 2018 will be the year I finally visit​. This year  it will all take place between the 15th of February to the 25th.

It is all about the midcentury architecture and design. And during these days there is plenty of events on.  Here you have a chance to visit some really unique homes that normally is not open to the public. There are organized​ tours, talks, parties, tradeshow, you name it. A bit too many happenings if you ask me, as I would love to go to them all! 😀

Modernism Week is a charitable organization, providing scholarships to local Palm Springs students pursuing college educations in the fields of architecture and design; as well as giving grants to local and state organizations for their efforts to preserve modernist architecture throughout the state of California. And its mission is​ to celebrate and foster an ​appreciation of midcentury architecture and design, as well as contemporary thinking in these fields, by encouraging education, preservation and sustainable modern living as represented in the greater Palm Springs area.

If you love architecture and you have never been to Palm Springs I would urge you to visit during these days. If not in 2018, maybe in 2019. They do also have a Fall Review event on. Here you can see pictures from last year.

A little tip: Tickets to all the events were on sale from 1st of November. And they sell out FAST. Most of them cost a few dollars. And some event is free, but you need to reserve your spot as space is limited. But remember, Modernism Week is a charitable organization, so the money will go back into their work. As we speak, 4 weeks before everything kicks off, most tickets are sold out. In other words, if you are thinking of going in the future you would need to plan ahead so you can get access to the houses you want to visit, and other happenings you want to attend.

Ideas to Steal will be visiting: I will be there from the 16th – 19th this year and I am part of the Mod Squad 2018.. We are a few Instagrammers and photographer that will be attending and documenting the event under the #PSModSquad. So if you are on Instagram, follow that #-tag! Also, I do recommend to follow Modernism Weeks Instagram, it will provide you with beautiful architecture and inspiration all year around and their blog Modernismweekly. I’m attending the event with some great friends of mine: Nina the girl behind Stylizimo and Allan the stylish guy behind the blog Bungalow​5, so I can not wait to get there.

I will be taking loads of pictures during the event and sharing it here on the blog afterward​.  Plus great insiders tips on what to see and do in Palm Springs if you are visiting in the future​. Stay tuned!

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Hi, I am Melissa, 30 something Norwegian digital nomad and Airbnb host. I have a love for architecture, Scandinavian design, and traveling. And I love sharing good design and great traveling tips.

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