Radio Royaal in Eindhoven

Radio Royaal started out as a pop up restaurant in phillips old factory building, but the creators Niels Wouter, Bart Gardenier and Stella Birsak fancied the space so much, and so did the visitors, that they went from pop up to a permanent stay. The factory is pretty much left as it was. The walls haven’t been repainted, the paints once new and fresh is now peeled half way off, but yet trendier than nothing else, the industrial machinery is kept in the space and you will probably find some of those beautiful chequered tiles loose. Everything is pretty much exposed as it was. It is furnitured by old sofas, canteen plastic chairs and tables and other vintage finds. Photographer Rene Mesman has decorated the walls with food portraits. Love the space. Imperfection is beauty.

Found via Yellowtrace and Afflante

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