Win a trip to visit the Bauhaus​ Cities

This year the Bauhaus is marking its 100th anniversary. And it is a celebration you should not miss, and let us celebrate it together!

Together you say? Well, the Germany Tourism hosting a trip to the Bauhaus cities and a competition where the winners (yes there is more than one) will join a few other photographers and me to explore the history and legacy of the Bauhaus movement between the 15-18th of September.

One hundred years ago, Walter Gropius founded the art school Staatliches Bauhaus – or “the Bauhaus”, as it is more commonly known in English – in Weimar, Germany. It marked the beginning of a new chapter in design history, where the aim was to adapt the design to human needs rather than the other way around. The ambition was for design to be simple and functional without compromising on appearance. The Bauhaus style is, therefore, often considered the starting point of modern design. Underpinning the Bauhaus mindset was also a modern and democratic approach to society; design was for everyone rather than a luxury reserved for the higher strata of society. Accordingly, the Bauhaus movement was about more than merely design.

I have had a sneak peek into the itinerary of this trip, and for any person who is a tiny bit into design and/or architecture, this will for sure be a bit of pilgrimage to be able to visit the sites where it all started. Dessau and Weimar are two stops for sure we will visit.

Kornhaus by Carl Fieger (1929–30)


Simple, yes indeed. All you have to do is to make a picture of a building or any design inspired by the Bauhaus style and write a short text about it as well as a bit about your fascination with the Bauhaus movement. And upload it here on the competition site.

There is no need to be a professional photographer or write an essay. Just take a picture of an object or building, and write a sweet and short text. BUT, you need to do it before the 14th of June when the competition close.

On this trip, you will have all cost covered and will be travelling with me who is an architecture photographer and from Norway. The talented Mette @littlemycph from Denmark. The colourful and every so inspiring Tekla @teklan from Sweden and Kristio from Finland who documents the facades of Helsinki at @helsinkifacades.

Dessau-Törten Housing Estate: Houses with Balcony Access (129–30)
The five houses were built on behalf of the “Spar- und Baugenossenschaft Dessau” (Dessau Savings and Building Society) by the Bauhaus building department, directed from 1927 by Hannes Meyer, who later became director of the Bauhaus.


If you are in Copenhagen, I can recommend catching the Bauhaus exhibition at the Design Museum, which will be on show to the 1st of December.

If visiting Vitra Campus in Weil am Rhein. They have a Bauhaus exhibition on about the furniture from the Bauhaus period at the Schaudepot.

New Masters’ Houses by Bruno Fioretti Marquez (2014)


All images in this blog post are courtesy of the Bauhaus Dessau.
You can enter the competition here.
Post in partnership with German Tourism.


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